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Masonry Rebuilding Chicago, IL

Tuckpointing in Chicago

Masonry rebuilding in Chicago is a specialized service aimed at repairing or replacing damaged masonry units while restoring the area to match the original color and quality of the building. Typically, masonry rebuilding becomes necessary when there is significant corrosion of the structural steel or severe deterioration, often caused by water infiltration.

Our expertise in masonry rebuilding in Chicago allows us to approach each project with a delicate balance between restoration and reconstruction techniques, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing repair. What sets us apart is our ability to salvage existing masonry materials by cleaning and reusing them. This not only saves you money but also contributes to a cohesive, visually pleasing repair. Our meticulous approach involves analyzing your existing masonry’s color and composition, enabling us to mix the perfect mortar that seamlessly blends the new with the old. Finally, we strike mortar joints to match the original, leaving your structure looking as if it never needed repair.