How Tuck Pointing Can Improve Your Chicago Property

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If you believe that your property can be improved by tuck pointing, Prime Masonry, Inc. in Chicago is the company to contact for all of your needs.

Tuck pointing is a special type of masonry technique designed to revitalize aging mortar. Over time, mortar that is exposed to the elements may deteriorate and allow water to penetrate into the property. It can also result in brick movement and even the collapse of walls. Tuck pointing is an effective way to address this issue so the property’s walls can withstand exposure to the elements once again.

What We Can Do For You

When you contact Prime Masonry, Inc. in Chicago for all of your restoration needs, we will consult with you on-site to determine whether tuck pointing or other techniques will be beneficial to you. If tuck pointing is the right strategy, we will clean and prepare the surface before putting in new mortar to fill the gaps. Tuck pointing is highly effective at improving the condition of your property.

If you are interested in tuck pointing or other specialized masonry services, look no further than Prime Masonry, Inc. For an appointment with our team, call our office today.

FAQ About Tuckpointing in Chicago, IL


1. What exactly is tuckpointing?

As it ages, the mortar that fills the joints in between your bricks slowly deteriorates. When that happens, tuckpointing in Chicago’s choice to help. It is the process that can repair the damage and restore the joints.

2. How can tuckpointing help?

Masonry contractors in Chicago use tuckpointing as a technique to remove the old, broken-down mortar. Then they refill the joints with new mortar that is colored to match the bricks. This is followed up by adding a contrasting color in a thin line of putty along the centerline of the mortar for a perfect seal and a beautiful finish.

3. Where is tuckpointing in Chicago needed most?

Tuckpointing is usually the solution of choice for historical brick homes. It can recapture the original look of the home with thin mortar joints. However, any style or age of building with a brick construction can benefit from tuckpointing in Chicago.

4. Is there a difference between tuckpointing and repointing?

Both repointing and tuckpointing in Chicago will remove and replace damaged mortar, but tuckpointing adds that thin line of putty down the middle of the joints for a more refined look.


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