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Tips for Working With Masonry Chicago, IL in Cold Weather

Storing and Handling Masonry Materials:
1. Cover the materials with tarps while on top of planks.
2. As much as possible, use dry mortar materials shipped in bulk.
3. Dissolve clumped and frozen sand by thawing.
4. Prevent bond reduction on the masonry units by placing them on warm surfaces.

5. Help the masonry materials go through the cement hydration process properly by heating the units before use.
6. Prepare heated surfaces when storing masonry units to prevent them from freezing during the masonry work in Chicago.
7. Avoid using calcium chloride when applying an accelerator into concrete, especially for mortar used in masonry restoration or construction.
8. Avoid installing glass masonry materials on structures during cold seasons.

Protecting New Masonry Structures:
1. Prevent water penetration into the masonry by covering the walls with plastic. Do this whenever the temperature rises above 32°F.
2. Use half-inch insulation blankets to cover the walls when the temperature sits between 32°F and 20°F. This reduces or prevents quick heat loss on the masonry units.
3. Following the installation, cover the masonry with a 1-inch insulation blanket for two days. Concurrently keep the area at a good heated temperature around 40°F.
4. For wind speed above 15mph, install windbreakers to protect your masonry or tuckpointing in Chicago.