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The Most Common Reasons to Call Masonry Contractors in Chicago, IL During the Spring

Chimney Repairs:

It is imperative to ensure that your chimney is structurally sound and ready for safe use, including your chimney masonry in Chicago. It is common for our masonry contractors in Chicago to provide such services as tuckpointing and masonry repair to seal cracks in the mortar joints and replace failing bricks as needed.

Chimney Masonry Restoration:

When there is visible deterioration on your chimney, like leaning or bricks crumbling, you need chimney masonry restoration in Chicago. In taking the chimney down to the roofline and rebuilding it, our masonry contractors in Chicago can ensure your chimney lasts for decades.

Exterior Masonry Walls & Columns:

As a homeowner, it’s important to check your exterior walls after every winter. You will be able to determine if you have any need for tuckpointing on your Chicago home, ensuring a solid brick and mortar combination that seals the water out and maintains your structural integrity.


Many homeowners enjoy a great curb appeal with a walk-up toward the front entrance. But when that welcome walkway becomes cracked or has become unsettled due to the freezing and thawing cycles of winter, it can look terrible. And even more importantly, it can be a significant tripping hazard. Plus, interlocking stones can sink, get pushed out of place, and allow weed growth, making a home exterior look unmanaged. Our masonry contractors in Chicago know just how to handle your walkways.

Outdoor Living Masonry:

With all that we have been through with the pandemic, more people are enjoying their homes in new ways. And with the popularity of outdoor kitchen spaces, masonry barbeques, fireplaces, and stone patios, even more homeowners are taking to their yards and making it a fantastic liveable area that Prime Masonry Contractors in Chicago can help create for your enjoyment and to increase the value of a home.