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When Is The Best Time To Get Tuckpointing Chicago, IL Done

Suppose you started to notice some wear and tear on the mortar joints between your bricks. There might be cracking in some places, while other places are beginning to crumble. If you think about it, you might not remember when was the last time you had any type of work done on your bricks. So when is the best time to get a tuckpointing or masonry done. Here’s a helpful guide for you that will help you decide whether you need to hire tuckpointing contractors Chicago or no.

How Often Do I Need Tuckpointing Chicago, IL?

Generally, tuckpointing Chicago should be done every 10 to 15 years. Now, bricks can last a hundred years easily, but the mortar that is between them is more susceptible to damages. Making sure that your mortar is safe will also help lengthen the life of the brick since it prevents moisture buildup in the brick itself.

What Is The Best Time For Tuckpointing?

The best time for tuckpointing is when the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees. The temperature should last the entire length of the job. The time frame for the job is normally about 24 hours before the job begins and 72 hours following the completion of the tuckpointing work. Autumn fits the best time to do work on your bricks.

How Important Is The Weather?

Great question! Now, the optimal temperatures occur in spring, same as autumn, but the main difference is the predictability of the weather. During tuckpointing Chicago, precipitation and moisture are the biggest detriments to the process. During curing, mortar should be kept dry and at the right temperature. Spring and summer are usually rainy, and winter brings snow; autumn is really the best time to get any masonry work done to your building.