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Masonry Chicago, IL – Common Repairs in the Spring

Chimney Repairs:

A chimney repair ensures that the brickwork structure on the chimney is functioning properly. Common maintenance includes tuckpointing Chicago homeowners can have to avoid cracked mortar joints. This process will also replace damaged bricks.  


Chimney Rebuilding:

If the chimney is falling apart or leaning, it may require a rebuild to re-establish a strong brick foundation. Rebuilding is done by raising the chimney below the roofline. This type of masonry in Chicago can endure for decades so you will not have to worry about it again, if ever.


Exterior Wall and Column Masonry in Chicago:

Check the exterior house walls annually to identify problem areas that need the attention of masonry contractors in Chicago, much like you should do with your chimney. Brick columns, usually found in the porch areas, are also common to work on for masonry restoration in Chicago. These are supports for the wood columns that sit on the brick piers and rise to the porch beam.



A walkway leading up to a home can either detract from or enhance a home’s curb appeal. A concrete walkway that has cracked or heaved after enduring several freezing and thawing cycles can be an eyesore and a hazard that requires masonry restoration by specialized masonry contractors in Chicago.


Outdoor Living Spaces:

With the amount of time people have been spending at home over the last couple of years, backyard spaces have become very important to homeowners. This is where skilled masonry contractors in Chicago can come in to create such things as masonry barbeques, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, natural stone patios, and more to add comfort and value to a home.