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Masonry Repair Chicago, IL – Problems You Will Often Face

You will commonly see masonry structures in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The materials and technology will make your construction strong, durable, fire-resistance, and energy-efficient. However, due to the constant exposure to harsh weather and other elements, masonry damage can occur for several reasons. Here is some basic information about common masonry Chicago problems that we often face:


Vertical Cracks That Run Along a Corner

If you see vertical cracks that run along a corner might be a serious issue. This sometimes happens during the dry season, when the soil around the corner becomes dry and weak. This could affect the foundation and cause collapse.


Bulging Bricks

Bulging bricks is caused by the water seeping through the mortar joints or when the anchors holding a wall together rust and loosen the wall. This is a common masonry problem that must be addressed right away. Our masonry contractors in Prime Masonry Contractors Chicago can help you to avoid the entire section of your becoming structurally weak.



Efflorescence is a water-related problem in masonry repair. While this could be given surface treatment only, the presence of efflorescence or salt-like on the surface should be cause for concern. If you notice efflorescence on your masonry surface, water penetration has been occurring for a long time, so brick damage has also been going on for quite some time. This calls for a complete masonry inspection schedule to determine the source of the problem and provide an appropriate course of action to repair the situation to avoid bigger damages to your structure.


Call Prime Masonry Contractors in Chicago if you see any of these masonry problems. We have been in the industry for a long time, and our experience allows us to handle masonry restoration, tuckpointing, and other masonry services.