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Tuckpointing Chicago, IL – What To Expect

First Step: Spotting Trouble by Contacting Brick Restoration Experts

If you notice any problem in your masonry, like cracks or deterioration, find a reputable masonry contractor to inspect the problem and provide you with a concrete solution. Make sure to understand the repairs needed and the process before the tuckpointing begins.


Proposal and Project Plan

A dependable company like Prime Masonry Contractors in Chicago will deliver a detailed written proposal for you to consider. You’ll sign a contract when you agree with the project proposal and conditions.


When Your Home Becomes the Work Site

Before any work begins, make sure to talk to the masonry contractors. Meet with the construction manager, discuss your expectations, and clarify what you can expect daily. Living in a temporary worksite home requires you and your family to accept some changes until the work is over.


Inform Your Neighbors

Tuckpointing, masonry restoration and other brickworks are messy. Inform your neighbors about your upcoming projects, especially when your homes are touching or close to each other, so they can also prepare for the noise and dust.


We Take Pride in our Professionalism

Prime Masonry Contractors in Chicago take pride in our professionalism. We do it meticulously in every project according to our professional practices.


Final Walk-Through

Once the masonry restoration or tuckpointing project is completed, Prime Masonry Contractors in Chicago will do the final clean-up. Our clean-up includes washing the windows, doors, exteriors, and your neighbor’s wall. You don’t have to worry about the repairs and landscaping that have been affected by the construction. Your final walk-through will reinforce your investment in maintaining the structural integrity of your property.

We value each of our projects, no matter how small or significant. Call  Prime Masonry Contractors in Chicago to know more about our services.